Welcome to a world of
Endless Possibilities

We are Alice, and we use AI and our imagination to enhance, automate and simplify your business. Together with our friends and experts we turn dreams into reality, offering you a world of endless possibilities. Do you also want to jump into the rabbit hole? Many has followed us down the hole before, and they have never been the same again.

  • - AI Automation
  • - Bots & Agents
  • - Workshops & Education
  • - AI Audits & Screening

About Alice

Once upon a time, in a world of endless possibilities, there was a creative agency named Alice. Much like the curious and imaginative Alice from “Alice in Wonderland". This agency was known for its boundless creativity and innovative ideas. And together with their customers they created the most wonderful things in their lab.

Just like Alice's journey down the rabbit hole, the team at this agency was constantly exploring new and uncharted territories in the world of creativity. They used powerful AI tools to enhance and automate processes, create entities that helped their clients to grow, and created solutions that was truly exceptional.

These powerful tools allowed the team at Alice to analyse vast amounts of data, generate new and exciting ideas, and optimize their creative output. They were able to push boundaries and challenge expectations, leaving their clients and audiences with a sense of wonder and amazement.


They went down the rabbit hole together with Alice...
...and they will never be the same again.

Do you want to jump
into the rabbit hole?

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to enter a world of
Endless Possibilities

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